Monday, 12 December 2011

Beautiful Goddess Eye Look!

Things you need:
Golden eyeshadow (Baked from Urban Decay)
Bronze eyeshadow (Smog from Urban Decay)
Browish eyeliner (Whisky By Urban Decay)
Pink Blush (Tickled Pink By Elf)
Pink lipgloss (Miami By ELF)
White eyeliner (Milk from NYX)
Angled eye brush (Face Secrets eyeiner brush)
Eyeshadow brush (From Elf)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tweens wearing makeup

This is my first blog on here, and I decided to do it on Kids wearing makeup!
The reason I am doing it on this specific topic, is because I am a 'tween' myself, and I have both sides of the story (Yes and No to wearing makeup) Based on Parents and other kids' points of view.

Personally, I was allowed to wear makeup since I was 9 (nly lipgloss at that time though!) And now, I am 12, and wear everything but foundation. I only use bronzer and blush  on special occasions and concealer when I need it!
Why are my parents saying NO?!?!

Many parents disagree on their kids wearing makeup, some say up to the age of 13, some say up to the age of 16, 18 or even 21!!
If your parents are saying NO to makeup, trust me, your not the only one! But here you will find tips and tricks to convincing your mom to let you wear makeup, and applying it properly!

Some parents may think that makeup is for only older people, who need to bring out their beauty, and get a boost of confidence, other parents think the makeup will make young kids look ''Trashy' and some think that it's over-rated and kids should stay far from it. 

If your parents say no, don't push it. Ask them if you can start with Chaptick or clear lipgloss, and over the years, begin with eyeshadow, blush concealer etc....

Again, some parents might think that you don't know how to apply makeup, and will ruin your beautiful skin, in this case, I may agree. 
Not everyone knows how to apply makeup for the first time, ask your mom if you can practice while your at home, and maybe find out online some tips and tricks to good makeup. The other thing, is ruining your skin.... Makeup has got lot's of chemicals that are harsh with 'baby' or 'soft' skin. People say that once your skin has matured (Usually after your first couple of years of puberty) makeup is better to use.
If this is the case, tell them that you'll only wear a little where it's needed, and ask your mom if she can get you some good makeup remover wipes and some good toner and moisturizer.

yes to makeup!

If your parents do decide to let you wear makeup, that's great!
Here are some tips and tricks.

0. Know how to put makeup on properly first, practice makes perfect!

1. You should know when too much, really IS too much!

2. If your still under 15, you don't need too much!
I think a bit of color on the lips is fine, with some eyeshadow, bronzer or blush and concealer (If needed!!)

3. Don't go too dramatical (I know that's not a word!)
Something like a  black and gray/grey smokey eye IS too dramatic, but if you go for a pink or purple smokey eye, it isn't too bad if your over 13!

4. Do not overdo it whatsoever, at any time!
If you do, your parents will not trust you with knowing when too much is too much (tip 1 and tip 0!)

5. Focus on lips OR eyes, never both!!
If you do a bold lip, keep the eye makeup to a minimum, but if you focus on the eyes, wear clear lipgloss, or a nude lipstick.

6. Playing with color:
Of course, this is ok... But Bright Blue and neon green is not the way to go if you are going out, if your going to a dress up party or something, sure bright colors are fine, but NOT to a casual night out!
Practice with color a few days before you know your going to use it.

7. Neutral color is the BEST!!!!
Try going for neutral colors (Browns) for common looks.
LIght brown, chocolate, dark brown etc... are great colors.

8. Under 13!?
I say lipgloss (Clear or pink)
Clear mascara, or a thin coat of black (BUT NO BROWN! I THINK IT LOOKS HORRID!!!!0
Eyeliner (Sigh) On special occasions?
Blush and bronzer? I would usually say NO to dark colored blush, but a light peachy pink is cool, I think bronzer is deffinately on the list!

9. A good collection for teens and tweens:

You DO NOT BY ANY MEANS need FOUNDATION until you are at least 18!
- A good bronzer
- Some great neutral colored eyeshadow
- Great lipglosses your can wear everyday
- Light pink and a nude lipstick
- Light blush
- Concealer (If needed)

10. Thank you for reading this! Please comment and tell me what you think, and what I should add.
I am adding pictures soon for looks, just that I need to take some pics!!